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Wisdom meter reading

Meter reading is the core work of the water company's marketing management, and it is also the economic lifeline of the water company. There are many outstanding problems in the traditional meter reading work.

Water meter monitoring is difficult: water meter is scattered, running and leaking;
The meter reader's supervision is difficult: estimate, wrong copy, string household, miss copy, human water;
The meter reading cycle is long, the water fee recovery is slow, the user complaints are many, the human leakage is more, and the employee assessment is difficult. How to solve the meter reading problem economically, practically and efficiently is a problem that has long plagued the water company manager.


Remote meter reading system

It is an automatic meter reading system based on GSM/GPRS/CDMA public network platform developed by Changde water meter,which saves users the expensive network construction and maintenance costs, and there is no distance and regional restrictions, as long as there is mobile phone signal,the system can operate stably. The terminal can actively report the meter reading data to the center according to the fixed time. The meter reading center can actively read the water meter at any time, and the data is automatically stored in the database, which is convenient for the operator to query later. The system can automatically generate daily reports, monthly reports, graphic curves, etc., which are intuitive, accurate and efficient.


Remote meter reading system topology